Imagine a world where product showcases transcend traditional videos, ushering you into the enterprise metaverse—a dynamic space emphasizing interactivity and immersive experiences. In this real-time, multi-lingual realm, stakeholders, whether partners, employees, or clients, can connect and collaborate effortlessly.

Our platform provides a tailor-made metaverse aligned with your brand's identity, distinguishing you from those using generic solutions. Toyota Material Handling and other visionary brands have embraced this groundbreaking shift, recognizing its transformative potential. Step into the future and elevate your brand experience.

Benefits of virtual events

Engagement is central to our definition of a successful event. This is where the strength of virtual events truly shines. The setting can be fully tailored to your preferences, allowing us to craft a more impactful and immersive brand experience compared to traditional events.

T City Toyota Material Handling Europe Discover Explore

Explore & discover

For us, it was important to provide a space wherein the visitor was free to explore and discover the new product at his own pace while providing enough interactivity to trigger the imagination and have some fun.

T City Toyota Material Handling Europe Gamification Interaction

Interact & Engage

We provided interactions to trigger the visitor to discover more. Besides driving the new BT Reflex visitors could participate in the “loads of knowledge” quiz, fly a drone, build a truck, …

T City Toyota Material Handling Europe Experience

Experience & Learn

Providing different ways to discover the new BT Reflex was important to us as each visitor has his own interests. Whether you wanted to see the changes, get to know more about the engery offering or learn about the impact of connected trucks. We made it all possible within Toyota’s T-City concept.

T City Toyota Material Handling Europe Meet Connect

Meet & Connect

This one is close to our hearts. Our platform was developed to make sure visitors can easily socialize and start a conversation. Whether it’s as a group or a 1-to-1 chat by using text or a video call. Providing these functionalities and blending them with the virtual approach was key to the success of the platform.

T City Toyota Material Handling Europe Report Analytics

Analyze & Report

One of the main benefits that digital events have over physical events is the measurability. If you want to know what part visitors liked most, how long they stayed in 1 particular area, etc… you can find all of this in the dedicated reporting section.