Explore Goodyear Tires in Augmented Reality


Ready to conquer the road with the perfect set of truck tires? Empower yourself and your team with Goodyear's Product Explorer powered by Augmented Reality (AR). Forget flipping through catalogs or dealership visits – AR puts you in the driver's seat (or, should we say, trucker's throne!) of exploring our toughest truck tires.

Imagine this: Hold your phone over your rig, and BAM! A set of heavy-duty Goodyear Omnitrac materializes, sized perfectly for your beast. Walk around them, inspect the aggressive tread design, and see how they'd handle any terrain you throw at them. No more wondering if a tire can handle the job—AR makes it real.

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Revolutionizing your truck tire buying experience.

002 Tyre Omnitrac D Durashield Augmented Reality S

Get down and dirty with the details:

Zoom in on the self-cleaning tread blocks, see how our DuraGuard technology shields you from punctures, and visualize how different Goodyear innovations can maximize your truck's performance.

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Make confident decisions

AR removes the guesswork. You can see how different tires will perform on the highway, off-road, or through snow from the comfort of your garage.

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Virtually test-fit for fuel efficiency

AR lets you virtually place the tires on your truck and see how they might impact your gas mileage. This way, you can choose tires that optimize performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency, a crucial factor for truck owners.

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Here's why AR is a game-changer for truck tire buyers

  • Increased Sales: Studies suggest AR boosts sales by up to 20% by enhancing customer engagement and product understanding.

  • Improved Decision-Making: 73% of buyers say AR helps them feel more confident about their purchases.

The future of truck tire exploration is here, and it's interactive

With Goodyear's Product Explorer, every step towards the perfect set of tires becomes an exciting adventure.So ditch the limitations of traditional tradeshows and dealerships! Leap into AR to not only explore the tires themselves, but also to envision how they'll perform on your specific truck. Make confident choices about your investment, all with the power of AR in your hands.

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