Warehouse Builder

Thomas More

Warehouse Builder – the future of logistic

Our Warehouse Builder uses Virtual Reality to enable students to get the necessary practical skills.

To modernize the rough and tumble world of warehouse configuration. Providing sales teams and warehouse managers with a new, more immersive way to visualize the future of their warehouse environment.

One of the main benefits of this solution is that it immediately allows you to discover the configuration you’ve just created. A birds-eye view by using AR or step into your own warehouse by using VR

VR in Education

Drag & drop ready-made 3D content straight into your virtual environment and visualize the concept, product, or idea. It will instantly answer questions otherwise left unanswered and takes away any doubt or confusion. It also facilitates on-site and remote teams to collaborate on warehouse configurations together.

Pallet racking creator

Pallet racks come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to complement any warehouse or distribution center. It can be challenging to determine which type of rack will maximize your warehouse’s efficiency. Therefore we build a pallet rack editor so users can build their ideal configurations.

Organize your pallet racks

Users can determine the positioning of loads throughout their warehouse configuration. Taking into account weight, size, type of product, etc…


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