AR Operator

Using Augmented Reality as an innovative maintenance support tool

Just a few weeks ago, Toyota Motor Europe called in our help to support them with a proof of concept for their upcoming Innovation Fair.

The task was simple, create an intuitive and innovative Augmented Reality experience for one of their Lexus models. The AR app needed to recognize the individual parts and elements, overlaying it with text and clear step by step maintenance instructions.

The Lexus AR support system (LASS) we’ve created supports you in executing the most common maintenance operations of your car by using your smartphone or tablet. It takes you by the hand through a step by step guide. With little or no experience at all, you’re guided through the process of checking your oil level or refilling your windshield wiper fluid.

Think of it as a digital and interactive user manual that recognizes the vehicle and provides you with all useful product information or a step by step help at your fingertips!

of AR

Augmented Reality (AR) offers contextual information to the user. AR delivers an immersive experience, enabling the user to feel self-reliant and in control. But the benefit of using AR doesn’t stop there. The technology also help to reduce the amount of customer calls asking for help.